Dark chocolate Ciucculatti de’ cicolateri

The “CIUCCULATTI DE’ CICOLATERI” base for gelato shop is made exclusively from “Cioccolato di Modica IGP”. The chocolate from Modica finds its roots in the Aztecs people of ancient Mexico, who reigned in Central and South America from the Thirteenth to the Sixteenth century. “Ciucculatti Mudicanu” is obtained from a unique “cold” processing of the chocolate that does not pass through the phase of conching. The paste is always kept at a maximum temperature of 35-40°C, maintaining the paste’s sugar crystals intact, which stops them from melting or blending.
Origin: Sicily, Italy
ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES: very strong flavor, with intense cocoa aromas, woody and toasted hints. It also features a typical grainy texture, made by the sugarcane crystals..
Minimum cocoa %: 75%
cocoa flavor
1,75+lt.2,5 hot water
1,75 x 10